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PRANG® Mobile Classroom


PRANG® Mobile Classroom


The NEW PRANG® Mobile Classroom is more than just an art cart…it’s a Mobile CLASSROOM, able to transform any space into an engaging learning environment for students.

Bins, supplies and peg hardware not included.

We’ve teamed up with “America’s Art Teacher”, Cassie Stephens, to create the NEW PRANG® Mobile Classroom.

With the layout of a classroom in mind, we've incorporated items you find in an art room:

  • The Teacher’s Desk serves as a space to hold your coffee, water, as well as pencils, phone and other essentials as you move down the halls. Two of the cup holders can also be converted to conveniently hold rolled paper!
  • The Teacher’s Locker secures your valuables when you need to step away from your cart.
  • The Supply Cabinet allows you to adjust and customize the organization of art supplies.
  • The Demo Table flips up for you to use, not only to have an instant demonstration area for your students to gather around, but also in combination with the device pole mount.
  • The Device Pole Mount can accommodate smart phones and tablets to pre-record lessons or use during class demonstration.
  • The Lift-Up, Dual-sided White Board provides writing surfaces for reviewing content, collaborating, or creating visuals.
  • Metal Pegboard Surfaces are yet another space for you to store and access supplies - be it brushes, paper towel, or scissors. They also accept magnets!
  • Deluxe Balloon Wheel Swivel Casters – comes with 5" caster wheels for easy movement throughout the classroom and school. If your cart is used outside, travels between buildings or over lots of thresholds however, consider retrofitting it with 8" wheels to enhance maneuverability and minimize noise. Click HERE to learn how.

The PRANG® Mobile Classroom has everything a teacher on-the-go needs, with unparalleled versatility, abundant storage, and durable, high-quality construction. Most importantly, it’s made to support education and easily transform any space into an engaging learning environment for all students and teachers. PRANG® Mobile Classroom is truly a “classroom-on-wheels.”

This mobile classroom is also perfect for any teacher that needs to create a remote learning environment. Arrive to class prepared, equipped with your own supplies, whiteboard, work surface, and device pole mount, ready to teach Art, STEAM, Science, or any other specialty area. If you can’t host your students in a dedicated classroom, give them the next best thing -- the PRANG® Mobile Classroom.

PRANG® Mobile Classroom Features


No more makeshift, DIY carts with squeaky wheels, creaky doors and loose hinges!

  • 28"W x 41.5"L x 36"H cart with 20-gauge steel construction
  • Scratch-resistant, long-lasting powder-coat finish
  • Can hold up to 600 pounds
  • Best-in-class, 5-inch balloon swivel caster wheels
  • A high-pressure scratch and impact-resistant laminate top


Set up your Mobile Classroom to meet your specific needs!

  • Shelves are open and adjustable.
  • Each shelf holds up to 50 pounds and has a 1” lip to keep supplies from falling out during transit.
  • Two separate, solid-steel, peg boards accommodate traditional pegboard hooks.
  • Peg board surfaces offer over six square feet of flexible storage - they also accept magnets!


Everything secure and right where you need it!

  • The secure, teacher locker area has a keyed locking system to keep your laptop, smart phone, or other valuables safe, especially during those times you need to step away from the cart.
  • A demonstration table mounted on the side of the cart can extend your working surface area.
  • An adjustable, device pole mount system holds your tablet or smartphone so you can actively demonstrate or record your lessons.


Comprehensive instruction and collaboration

  • The large, dual-sided, dry erase whiteboard offers easily accessible writing surfaces that can be raised for instruction, stowed inside the cart, or removed for display in another area of the room!
  • A 7-outlet power strip with surge protection helps you keep everything powered up and ready-to-go.

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