Prang Cassie Stephens Signature Line

Art Teacher!

Cassie Stephens is more than an elementary art teacher living and working in Nashville, Tennessee! Cassie is a blogger, author and bonafide Social Media superstar with a special place in the hearts of Art Teachers everywhere.
She is "America’s Art Teacher!"

PRANG® has teamed up with Cassie, an elementary art teacher, to bring you the Cassie Stephens Signature Line, a line of quality art supplies and products, designed by Cassie, to be used in your classroom! Visit here often to learn more about PRANG® and Cassie’s NEW Signature Line of products!

We've teamed up with Cassie to give you the Prang® Mobile Classroom!

Mobile Classroom is more than just an art cart…it’s a Mobile CLASSROOM, able to transform any space into an engaging learning environment for students.


Sketch Smart Sketch Book

We've teamed up with "America's Art Teacher", Cassie Stephens to give you the best of both worlds: our high-quality mixed media paper with kid-friendly drawing instructions and many idea starters. The Sketch Smart features eight Cassie-created pages that teach the Elements of Art and "how to" draw: lines, designs, patterns, landscapes, people, faces, and expressions. Within the Sketch Smart, there are 32 pages of heavyweight mixed media paper, which allows for plenty of experimentation space for early finishers and free draw time. Also comes with access to seven fun and engaging support videos for students and teachers.

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